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Sillimanite Refractory Brick

Sillimanite Refractory Bricks

Sillimanite Refractory Brick

1. High Working Temperature;
2. Good Thermal Stability;
3. Great Wear Resistance;
4. Excellent Thermal Shock Resistance;


Sillimanite refractory materials are widely used in glass kilns, blast furnaces, ceramics, etc. in metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials and other industries.

Technical Datas

Al2O3, %6560
SiO2, %3237
Fe2O3, %0.5 1
Bulk Density, g/cm32.52.3
Apparent Porosity, %1819
Cold Crushing Strength, MPa8080
0.2MPa Refractoriness Under Load, ℃16501600