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Corundum Brick

Corundum Brick

Corundum Brick

1. High Working Temperature;
2. Good Thermal Stability;
3. High Cold Crushing Strength;
4. Strong Resistance on Chemical Corrosion;

Brief Description

Corundum brick, Whose Alumina content is greater than 90%, are the hot selling which regard the corundum as the main crystalline phase. High normal temperature compressive strength (up to 340MPa). High load softening onset temperature (greater than 1700°C). Good chemical stability, strong resistance to acidic or alkaline slag, metal and glass. Thermal shock stability is related to its organizational structure. Dense products have good corrosion resistance but poor thermal shock stability. Divided into sintered corundum bricks and fused corundum bricks. Sintered alumina and fused corundum can be used as raw materials or alumina clinker with high ratio of Al2O3/SiO2 and sintered alumina respectively. Can also be made of phosphoric acid or other binders do not burn corundum brick.

Technical Datas

Al2O3, %999080
SiO2, %0.2818
Fe2O3, %
Bulk Density, g/cm33.232.8
Apparent Porosity, %191818
Cold Crushing Strength, MPa100100100
0.2MPa Refractoriness Under Load, ℃170017001700


Corundum brick is mainly used in iron-making blast furnaces and hot blast furnaces, steel-making furnace external refining furnaces, sliding water heaters, glass melting furnaces and petrochemical industrial furnaces.