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Ceramic Fiber Tape

Ceramic fiber tape is mainly made by high-quality ceramic fiber (ceramic fiber cotton). The continuous temperature use limit is from 600 to 1050℃ (2000℉). It can used in high-temperature and easily abrasive situations. Now, this product has been exported to 1000+ customers.

Ceramic Fiber Tape

Size of Ceramic Fiber Tape

  • Width: 10-50mm and other customized size;
  • Thickness: 5-10mm and other customized size;
  • Length: Not limited;

If you need a customized special size, please offer the specifications of the thermal ceramic fiber tape. We can customize the length that you want. It can avoid the waste of ceramic fiber tape.

Good Characteristics of Ceramic Fiber Insulation Tape

Thermal Shock Resistance

Ceramic fiber tape is woven with ceramic fiber cotton. It has good tenacity and low thermal conductivity to undertake the thermal shock. Meanwhile, the low thermal conductivity contributes to sustaining the temperature that can insulate the heat.

Abrasive Resistance

Compared to ceramic fiber rope, ceramic fiber tape has better abrasive resistance than ceramic fiber rope. Ceramic gasket tape can undertake mechanical shock and friction to extend the life cycle of the mechanical equipment.

Chemical Resistance

Ceramic fiber tape has good chemical resistance so that it will not eroded by chemical solutions in acid or alkaline situations. This product can used in the chemical process industry, metal refining industry, and so on.

Electronic Insulation

The electronic insulation of ceramic fiber tape is conducive to be used in high-temperature environments within the electronic equipment. It can used as a fireproof cable covering material to avoid accidents.

Environment Friendly

Ceramic fiber insulation tape will not release toxic gases into the environment. However, it will present a color change. Ceramic fiber tape will be blackened in the first use. Then it will turn white as the temperature rises. In this process, it may release the black smoke and gas that is nontoxic.

Ceramic Fiber Insulation Tape
Ceramic Fiber Insulation Tape

Wide Usages of Ceramic Fiber Tape Gasket

Ceramic fiber insulation tape can used for electronic cable covering, pipeline covering, fire flameproof curtains, door gaskets, engine and instrument insulation material, and high-temperature fireproof material.

  • Expansion joint fabric;
  • Insulation wrapping material for pipes, wire, cable, exhaust, and other geometric shapes;
  • Protective insulation covers, curtains, blankets, and welding curtains;
  • High temperature seals, gaskets, and tadpole gaskets.

Green Production Process

In the manufacturing process, we are equipped with dust removal equipment to guarantee green production. And we have digital intelligence systems to control the raw material ratio. These devices contribute to producing high-quality ceramic gasket insulation tapes.


Professional Services of Kerui

If you need to consult some details, we have a professional team to answer every question from customers. We provide a one-stop service for customers. If you need other refractory materials, Kerui will offer a suitable plan to help you purchase all the materials at once. Meanwhile, we will provide a strict transport plan to guarantee your minimal shipping costs and complete product.