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Mullite Insulation Brick

Mullite insulation brick mainly consists of aluminosilicates. So, this brick can be used at temperatures between 1350℃-1700℃ and can be in direct contact with the flame. It has a good thermal insulation effect, good thermal shock resistance, and resistance to various gases. If processed by the electric melting method in the factory, this brick is more resistant to thermal shock.

Mullite Insulation Bricks

Mullite Insulation Brick

Suitable for the refractory lining and backing insulation layer of pyrolysis furnaces, hot blast furnaces, ceramic roller kilns, electric porcelain drawer kilns and various industrial resistance furnaces.

Al2O3: ≥42-72%;
Fe2O3: ≤0.5-1.0%;
Bulk Density: ≤0.6-1.0g/cm³;
Cold Crushing Strength: ≥1.5-3.5MPa;
Standard Size: 230*114*65mm;

Types of Mullite Insulation Bricks for Sale

KR-23 (JM-23)


  • Bulk density: 600-1000 kg/m³;
  • Operating temperature: ≥1350℃;
  • Thermal conductivity: 0.2-0.3 W/(m K);

KR-26 (JM-26)


  • Bulk density: 700-1000 kg/m³;
  • Operating temperature: ≥1430℃;
  • Thermal conductivity: 0.21-0.32 W/(m K);

KR-28 (JM-28)


  • Bulk density: 800-1000 kg/m³;
  • Operating temperature: ≥1700℃;
  • Thermal conductivity: 0.28-0.34 W/(m K);

KR-30 (JM-30)


  • Bulk density: 1000-1100 kg/m³;
  • Operating temperature: ≥1800℃;
  • Thermal conductivity: 0.4-0.43 W/(m K);

Technical Data

Item/GradeKR-23 (JM-23)
Al2O3, %≥42≥42≥45≥48
Fe2O3, %≤1.2≤1.2≤1.0≤1.0
Bulk Density, g/cm³0.550.60.81.00
Reheating Linear Change, %≤-0.5≤-0.55≤-0.4≤-0.3
Cold Crushing Strength, MPa≥1.2≥1.5≥2.3≥3
Thermal Conductivity 350℃, W/(m·K)

Item/GradeKR-26 (JM-26)
Al2O3, %≥54≥55≥56≥56
Fe2O3, %≤0.9≤0.9≤1.0≤1.0
Bulk Density, g/cm³0.
Reheating Linear Change, %≤-1≤-0.65≤-0.5≤-0.5
Cold Crushing Strength, MPa≥2≥2.3≥2.8≥3.2
Thermal Conductivity 350℃, W/(m·K)

Item/GradeKR-28 (JM-28)KR-30 (JM-30)
Al2O3, %≥64≥65≥66≥72≥72
Fe2O3, %≤0.75≤0.65≤0.65≤0.55≤0.55
Bulk Density, g/cm³0.80.91.0 1.0 1.1
Reheating Linear Change, %≤-1≤-0.8≤-0.7≤-0.9≤-0.7
Cold Crushing Strength, MPa≥2.3≥2.8≥3.3≥3.0≥3.5
Thermal Conductivity 350℃, W/(m·K)0.280.320.340.40.43

Mullite Insulation Fire Brick
Mullite Insulation Fire Brick for Sale

Characteristics of Mullite Insulation Fire Brick

Good Thermal Insulation Effect

According to the thermal conductivity of mullite insulation brick, its thermal insulation effect is excellent. It could keep the temperature in the equipment and improve the service effectiveness. Moreover, the insulation effect can ensure the safety of the staff when using the equipment.

Good Thermal Shock Resistance

Mullite insulation brick has low permanent liner change that could undertake the high-temperature environment. Therefore, it has high-pressure resistance in the high-temperature state. This feature can ensure the stability of equipment to extend the life of equipment.

Resistance to Various Chemical Gases

The main chemical composition in mullite insulation brick is alumina. So, it could keep a stable state in various chemical reactions and be unaffected by the chemical gases. At the same time, mullite insulation brick is a green refractory material. It will not produces toxic substances during use and can be safely used.

Mullite Insulation Brick
Mullite Insulation Brick for Sale

Applications of Mullite Insulation Fire Brick

According to the characteristics of mullite brick, it is mostly used for insulation. Such as hot blast furnace top, blast furnace body and bottom, glass furnace regenerator, and so on. It is also suitable for refractory layers, such as cracking furnaces, hot blast furnaces, ceramic roller kilns, electric porcelain drawer kilns, glass crucibles, and the lining of various electric furnaces.

Kerui can provide shapes in different sizes to reduce the number of joints. This kind of bricks could ensure the strength and stability of the equipment during the use of customers. Moreover, we have a professional team that could provide customized service. And we will timely follow up on customer needs and after-sales problems. Feel free to contact us at any time.