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Fire Clay Insulation Brick

Fire clay insulation brick is generally used as insulation layers of various high-temperature kilns. It has lots of pores on surface, so it has good heat insulation performance. The fire clay insulation brick produced by Kerui has the advantages of good thermal shock stability, lower permanent linear change, small thermal conductivity, and good thermal shock resistance.

Lightweight Clay Insulation Bricks

Fire clay insulation brick is often used as the insulation layer of thermal equipment such as ignition kilns, flues, refining devices, heating devices, gas furnaces and pipelines, soaking furnaces, annealing furnaces, reaction chambers, etc.

Bulk Density: ≤0.5-1.5g/cm³;
Thermal Conductivity: ≤0.23-0.65W/m·k;
Cold Crushing Strength: ≥0.8-6MPa;
Permanent Linear Change: -2-1%;

Technical Data

Bulk Density, g/cm³≥1.3≥1.2≥1≥0.8≥0.6
Cold Crushing Strength, MPa≤5≤4.5≤3.5≤2.5≤1.3
Permanent Linear Change, %
Experimental Conditions
Thermal Conductivity Coefficient, W/(m·K)
Average Temperature (350±25)℃

Light Weight Clay Insulation Brick
Fire Clay Insulation Brick

Advantages of Light Weight Clay Insulation Brick

Low Permanent Linear Change

It could protect the stability of equipment during work time because of the small permanent linear change. Therefore, insulated clay brick is less affected by extreme temperature changes in the production process. Besides, it could prolong the service time of equipment to enhance effectiveness in productive processes.

Low Thermal Conductivity

The low thermal conductivity of light weight clay brick can greatly reduce heat storage loss. In this situation, it could save fuel and reduce unnecessary expenses. So people are more tend to use light weight clay insulation brick as insulation layers.

High Porosity

The bricks have high porosity and low volume density. The rich pores of brick also help to resist thermal shock. As a lightweight insulating layer, it could also reduce the heat transfer to again higher energy utilization efficiency.

Fire Clay Insulation Brick for Sale

Usages of Lightweight Insulating Fire Bricks

Light weight clay insulation bricks are mainly used for thermal equipment and industrial kiln insulation. Most of them are the parts without the erosion and scouring effect of strong high-temperature molten materials. They could be used for blast furnaces, hot blast furnaces, carbon roasters, carbon calciners, coke ovens, and so on.

Competitive Price of Kerui Clay Insulation Bricks

Low Price

Kerui could provide a lower price than other manufacturers. Because Kerui Refractory is the original factory and the location of our factory is rich in refractory materials.

Discount Offering

If you need a large quantity of product, Kerui Refractory can offer a suitable discount. If you buy 1-25t clay bricks, the price will be 120-300 US dollar per ton. If you buy 25-100t, you only pay 100-200 US dollar per ton.

Lightweight Clay Brick
Lightweight Fire Clay Brick

Choose Kerui Refractory to Get Clay Insulation Brick

Product Certificates

Kerui provides the certificates of fire clay bricks. The products have passed the ISO, CE, and other quality certification. The samples tasted higher than other inspection averages.

Professional Technological Team

We will understand the requirement of customers in all aspects according to the specific high applications. We could provide professional one-to-one service to ensure that the cooperation goes smoothly.

Abundant Export Experience

Kerui Refractory serve high-temperature industries all over the world, including iron and steel, aluminum, glass, cement, etc. Kerui fire clay insulation bricks have been exported to more than 50 countries.