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Ceramic Fiber Cloth

Ceramic fiber cloth is a kind of woven fabric, which is made of high-purity aluminum silicate based ceramic fiber and reinforced with glass fiber filament and optional alloy steel wire. The product is white, odorless and suitable for up to 2300℉ (1260℃) high temperature applications.

Ceramic Fiber Cloth

Ceramic Fiber Cloth

Continuous Temperature Use Limit: 650-1260℃;
Bulk Density: 500kg/m³;
Organic Content: ≤15%;
Sample: testing of sample is available;

Technical Data

ItemCeramic Fiber ClothCeramic Fiber Tape
Physical PropertyGlass FiberStainless SteelGlass FiberStainless Steel
Bulk Density, kg/m³500
Size, mm30000*1000*2/330000*50/75*2/3
Moisture Content, %≤2
Continuous Temperature Use Limit, ℃65010506001050
Organic Content, %≤15

Ceramic Fiber Cloth
Ceramic Fiber Cloth for Sale

Applications of Ceramic Fiber Cloth

Mainly used for thermal insulation of various kilns, high-temperature pipes and containers, as well as insulation covering fabrics, high-temperature expansion joint fillers, and flue linings.

Ceramic Fiber Cloth

Characteristics of KERUI Ceramic Fiber Cloth

  • Dimensionally stable at high temperatures;
  • Low heat storage and thermal conductivity;
  • Thermal shock and fire proof resistant;
  • Lightweight, flexible, and thermally efficient;
  • Woven texture with excellent handling strength;
  • Chemical resistant, compatible with most corrosive chemicals.