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Chrome Corundum Brick

Chrome Corundum Refractory Brick

Chrome Corundum Brick

1. High Working Temperature;
2. Good Thermal Shock Resistance;
3. Great Wear Resistance;
4. Good Erosion and Corrosion Resistance;

Brief Description of chrome corundum brick

Chromium corundum brick is also called high wear-resistant chrome corundum tapping brick. Using α-Al2O3 as raw material, appropriate amount of chromia powder and chrome corundum clinker fine powder are added, and then they are shaped and burned at high temperature. It can also be prepared by mud casting method. Alpha-Al2O3 powder and chromia powder are evenly mixed. Thickener is made by adding glue and organic binder. At the same time, part of chrome corundum clinker is added, and bricks are made by grouting method. Then fired. The main mineral composition is α-Al2O3-Cr2O3 solid solution. Minor minerals consist of a small amount of composite spinel (or no composite spinel), refractory bricks with 1% to 30% chromium oxide content.

Technical Specifications of chrome corundum brick

Cr2O3, %3020125
Fe2O3, %
Al2O3, %68768085
Apparent Porosity, %18181818
Bulk Density, g/cm33.
Cold Crushing Strength, MPa100100100100

Chrome corundum bricks are mainly used as the inner lining of petrochemical industrial slag oil gasifiers, steel taps of heating furnaces, slide rails and tapping platforms of steel rolling furnaces, and grooves and other industrial furnaces. It can be used as lining of glass kiln, drawing glass flow hole cover plate brick and used for hot metal pretreatment device, waste incinerator, coal water slurry pressure gasification furnace back lining.