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Magnesia Chrome Brick

Magnesite chrome brick is a good refractory material. It consists of magnesium oxide and chromium oxide, which have good refractoriness and chemical resistance. It resists the alkaline slag in high-temperature environments. Magnesite chrome brick/magnesia chrome brick is usually used for the top of electrical furnaces, non-ferrous metal smelting furnaces, rotary cement kilns, and glass kilns.

Magnesia Chrome Brick

Magnesia Chrome Brick

Mainly used in the metallurgical industry, such as constructing open-hearth furnace tops, electric furnace tops, external refining furnaces and various alkali-resistant non-ferrous metal smelting furnaces.

MgO: ≥45- 60%;
Cr2O3: ≥8-16%;
Cold Crushing Strength: ≥25-35MPa;
Apparent Porosity: 19-22%;

Technical Data

MgO, %504560556560
Cr2O3, %1616121288
Apparent Porosity, %192219211921
Cold Crushing Strength, MPa352535303530
0.2MPa Refractoriness Under Load, ℃165015501650155016501530

Magnesia Chrome Brick

Characteristics of Magnesia Chromium Bricks

High Working Temperature

Magnesite chrome brick can withstand 2000℃ and more. Even in the high-temperature working time, it could keep stable. Mag chrome brick is often used in the metallurgical industry, such as the lining of steelmaking furnaces and high-temperature kilns.

High Refractoriness Under Load

Refractoriness under load of Magnesite chrome brick can reach 1550℃. It can withstand high-temperature and high pressure at the same time. Rebonded magnesium chromium brick has a high purity that could effectively improve the refractoriness under load. But the price will be higher than normal magnesia chrome brick. It is usually used for RH furnace vacuum chamber lower groove and impregnation tube.

Excellent Thermal Stability

Chrome magnesite brick has excellent thermal stability. The great thermal shock resistance is conducive to forming excellent thermal stability. The thermal shock resistance is 4 times in 1100℃ and cold water. Using it for regenerators of glass furnaces can extend the life cycle of glass furnaces.

Strong Alkaline Slag Resistance

Magnesium oxide belongs to alkaline oxide so that could resist alkaline slag and erosion. Besides, magnesia chrome can resist acid gases. It will not react with SO2 while the steelmaking furnaces are in working time.

Magnesia Chrome Brick for Sale
Magnesia Chrome Brick for Sale

Applications of Mag Chrome Bricks

Magnesium chromium brick is mainly used in the metallurgical industry and high-temperature kilns, such as the top of electrical furnaces, non-ferrous metal smelting furnaces, the AOD furnace air eye area of the external refining device, glass kilns, and rotary cement kilns.

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