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Ceramic Fiber Board

Ceramic fiber board consists of aluminum silicate. Except for nanometer material, it is a good insulation material with the lowest thermal conductivity and energy-saving effect. Kerui board has the properties of good thermal insulation and good chemical stability.

Ceramic Fiber Board

Ceramic Fiber Board

Ceramic Fiber Board is widely used in high-temperature equipment such as high-temperature reactors, distillation towers, cracking furnaces, heating furnaces, electric furnaces, cement rotary kilns, etc.

Modules of Rupture: ≥0.3MPa;
Bulk Density: 250-360g/cm³;
Classification Temperature: 1260-1430℃;
Loss of Ignition: ≤6%;

Technical Data of Ceramic Fiber Board

  • Size: 1200/1000/900/600*1000/600/500/300*10-50mm (customizable);
  • Color: white;
  • Packaging: packaged in pallet, inner plastic bag and outside carton box, or inner plastic bag and outside carton box, then on pallets;
  • Sample: free sample to any country;
  • MOQ: 1 piece;
  • Delivery time: 3 days for common shape samples; 10 days for special shape samples; 7-15 days for batch goods.
ItemOrdinary TypeStandard TypeHigh Purity TypeHigh Alumina TypeZirconium Containing Type
Classification Temperature, ℃11001260126013601430
Working Temperature, ℃<10001050110012001350
Bulk & Density, kg/m³260-320
Permanent Liner Change, %-4 (1000℃)-3 (1000℃)-3 (1000℃)-3 (1250℃)-3 (1350℃)
Heat Conductivity Coefficient, W/(m·k) (Bulk Density 128kg/m³)0.09 (400℃), 0.176 (800℃), 0.22 (1000℃)
Strength of Extension, Mpa0.5
Al2O3, %444646~4952~5539~40
Al2O3+SiO2, %96979999-
Al2O3+SiO2+ZrO2, %----99
ZrO2, %----15~17
Fe2O3, %<1.2<
Na2O+K2O, %≤0.5≤
Size, mmLength, Width Regular Size, Thickness 3-100mm, Customized Size

Ceramic Fiber Board for Sale
Ceramic Fiber Board

Advantages of Kerui Ceramic Fiber Board

Good Thermal Insulation

The low thermal conductivity helps improve the thermal insulation. When the temperature of the ceramic furnace lining up to 400℃, the thermal conductivity is less than 0.11w/m.K. Its thermal conductivity is clay bricks’ 1/8. It has great thermal insulation.

High Tenacity

Ceramic fire boards can resist dramatic temperature change and mechanical shock. It undertakes rapid increases or decreases the temperature that will not be broken. And it could resist high pressure. So refractory ceramic fire board can be used in some parts that are easy to abrasion. It could also reduce the stress transfer to again higher energy utilization efficiency.

Noise Reduction

Ceramic boards can reduce noise. The ability of sound insulation is better than other materials. It could significantly reduce noise pollution. And high temperature ceramic fiber board can be used in high-temperature situations where need to reduce the noise.

Good Chemical Stability

Ceramic fire board has excellent chemical stability. There is a lot of alumina in the board. It will present the characteristics of ceramic that will not react with chemical solutions. So it could resist chemical erosion in high-temperature environments to extend the service time.

Ceramic Fibre Board
Ceramic Fibre Board for Sale

Applications of Ceramic Fibre Board

According to the characteristics of ceramic board insulation, it is usually used in industrial kiln backing, ceramic kiln backing, glass melting pool insulation part, and high-temperature heating furnace lining. It could also used in the mechanical industry, chemical industry, and electron industry.

We will offer the low price of ceramic fiber insulation board. Meanwhile, if you need a quantity of any material, we can offer a suitable discount. Kerui could offer special sizes if you need refractory refractory boards with different thicknesses. We also provide one-to-one professional service to help clients acquire all the material at once. This helps customers to save time and communication costs. Finally, we will perfectly protect the package avoid the stress damage in delivery.